Who are we ?

Central first NGO for comprehensive care of street children and children in great difficulty.

« Fondation Voix du Cœur » is a Non Governmental Organization of Central Republic.
It is state-approved by the Central African Government in 1994. First NGO care and family and social reintegration of street children and children in great difficulty, its interventions are focused on the activities of health, education, sports training, family reintegration and social through family support, settle youth and monitoring young children's psychosocial state.

The Association is established under the Central Act n°61/233 of 3 May 1961 relating to nonprofit associations. It is headquartered in Bangui Central African Republic.

It’s address is :
Fondation Voix du Cœur
Rue Maurice DEJEAN
P.O Box : 1868 BANGUI
Central African Republic
Tél : (00236) 21 61 62 03
Email : b_epayefondationvoixducoeur@yahoo.fr


The General Assembly consists of members of the Board of Directors; of the founding members, associate members and benefactors is the supreme organ of the Association. The Board is the body that administers Fondation Voix du Cœur. The center is headed by a Director. The administration of the association is done using a manual of administrative and financial well-designed.

The center has nine buildings:

  • 1 administrative building
  • 1 care center
  • 3 buildings consisting of five classrooms
  • 1 dormitory with a capacity of 60 beds
  • 1 multipurpose room that also serves as dining hall with a capacity of 200 children
  • 1 kitchen
  • Bathrooms (showers, toilets)