Our Target

Our target is mainly street children and children in big trouble: They are children that are beyond any adult supervision and who regularly live and sleep in the street, on tablets of markets, abandoned buildings, at the entrance of stores, video room, outside of the church...

This involves :

  • Children from poor families;
  • Children abandoned by parents;
  • Cibles
  • Children of families displaced due to conflict;
  • Children affected by armed conflict (LRA) and other child soldiers;
  • Children "sorcerers";
  • Children fleeing home because of domestic violence, educational failure;
  • DOrphans of father, mother, or orphaned total: often AIDS orphans.

These children are between 4 and 18. They are mostly boys. They live by begging or doing odd jobs, washing cars, theft and prostitution. They shine shoes, diving in restaurants...

They are often abused. To overcome these attacks of all kinds, they organized themselves by living in groups.